Online Blackjack Table Layout

If you are new to the game of Blackjack the table layout may appear a tad confusing or even intimidating, but like riding a bike once you have been shown the basics you never forget. So above you will see our screenshot of a standard Classic Blackjack table and below is an explanation of what each particular section is and does.

  1. This is the discard tray, all cards that have been played and are out of the game get placed, faced down here.
  2. This is the Table Limits sign, all Blackjack tables have such a sign to show you the minimum and maximum wager amounts allowed on that particular table. At most online casinos if you place your mouse over this sign a set of rules also appears.
  3. This is the Dealers card, and all further cards he is dealt are placed here, in our example you don’t want to see the Dealer getting a card like that too often!
  4. This is the Dealers chip tray, and this is where he places losing players chips as well as using this stock of casino chips to payout winning wagers.
  5. This is the stock of playing cards that are still to be used, in landbased casinos they often use a shuffle master type machine that shuffles the cards.
  6. Printed on every Blackjack table you will see a brief outline of the game, namely the payouts for a Blackjack, the Insurance bet and what the Dealer has to play to. In this example he has to Stand on all 17’s
  7. These are your playing cards all you dealt cards will be placed face up here.
  8. This is where you place your stake, online casinos require you to click here to add more chips if needed.
  9. This is the value of your chips, to raise the value simply select any of the chips displayed.
  10. This is where the players gameplay options are, you need to select from one of the options offered. In our example the Dealer is offering Insurance and you can either accept or decline it.

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