Play Free Blackjack Online

There is no need to rush online and lay your hard earned cash onto a Blackjack table straight away, you can play our free play Blackjack game directly from the Play More Blackjack site. This is a flash powered game that requires no download and as such you can play for as long as you like and gain some valuable experience. The game comes fully loaded with 1000 free play credits which is more than enough to provide you with a long and entertaining session.

Take a good look around the site and feel free to refer to it as often as you like, you may wish to bookmark certain pages and add them to your favorites, but whatever you do enjoy your visit and good luck when you hit those Blackjack tables.

Practice the things you learned

Search for a free play Blackjack game that can be found in the gaming suite of any online casino. To begin a game you first need to decide a stake you wish to play for simply click the “+” or “-” to increase or decrease the value of your chips respectively. Once you are happy with the value of your chips simply click the Deal button, the Dealer will then deal you a card face up, himself a card face up and then another card face up to you. You must now decide what you wish to do, you can Stand at this point simply click the Stand button and you cards will be deemed as your final hand and the Dealer will then play his hand.

You can also Hit your hand, simply click Hit and you will be given another card face up, this card is given free and won’t cost you any further chips. If the Dealer is showing an Ace then you will be offered insurance, this is a side bet and it will cost you half of your initial stake and you are simply betting that the Dealer has a Blackjack (an Ace and a Ten valued card). If you have taken insurance your side bet is placed onto the layout and you will have to continue to play your hand. Once you Stand your hand or Bust you will then discover whether the Dealer does indeed have a Blackjack, if so you will be paid out at odds of 2-1 on your side bet stake only.

Ocasionally you may be offered a “Double Down” bet this is when you have a 9, 10 or 11 and simply put it means instead of Hitting your hand you are buying another card. Buying another card via the Double bet means you will have to pay an equal amount to your original wager and you will only be dealt one card then your hand will Stand. You may also be offered a Split, when you have two cards the same I.E. 2 X 7’s you can separate them into two different hands if you opt to do this you will have to place another wager equal to your initial bet on this new hand. Both hands are independent of each other and you play one first then the other

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